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Married in the first sight: Eliana is sad because she did not know her husband's family – "The soul of the fresh air" in relations between Ana and Hugo


the program Married at first glance this Monday, November 19th, was full of strong emotions.

This week is the turn of the young and the groom to go and see the houses of the bride.

Afterwards, at the engagement ceremony, Daniela they found the answer Daniel in relation to his feelings, it seems that the businessman from Kaldas da Rainha is not ready to forgive the yoga instructor. "She said very strong phrases from the context in which she was. I lost some of the confidence that I had in her," said Daniel, adding, "What we built was a long way," he predicts.

However, now as the transition to a bridal house on the horizon, Daniel sees this as a positive development. "If we stayed here, I did not want to talk to Daniel at the moment."
The couple starts packing to go to Setubal, but a businessman says "it will not be easy," as it was before.

Klod's mother continues to attack, and Diana Chaves does not run away!

This weekly program continues to show a glass of water Claudio i Isabel, a new couple.

Malaysia Ana, the mother of Madeira, is growing. "My mother did not like to talk and participate much," admits Claudio, who says his father is more open to experience. "She's always two meters behind and has to win a little bit."

Isabel is already in favor of the position of her mother-in-law. "I felt some fears about the situation, because she does not know me, she must be disturbing. She is a mother and I understand perfectly," says Isabel.

Mother Claudius is scared and feared that Isabel "does not face reality". "I'm afraid he will suffer," says mother Madeira. Diana Chaves He sits at the table and says there is a "spark" with Claudian mother. She asks Diana Chaves to ask her no question. "Why did not her parents come?"

Isabel explains that this is an "option we took together". "My family knows I'm here, but I would not be happy with the presence of cameras," Isabel replied to her mother-in-law.

The Sobral de Monte Agraco wallet says you do not see how you live on Madeira and that Diana Chaves asks Mother Claudio if she likes to have a sniper. "She has her house, she can take the time she wants," Ana answered dry. Claudia says her mother is "two feet behind" due to her unsuccessful marriage. Diana Chaves tries to play with Claudus' mother, but she raises her hand to say she does not want to talk.

Hugo disappears from home and loses trousers during training

After the ceremony of dedication, Hugo leaves without warning, saying he will pledge Ana. "Sure, she did not enter her room tonight," Hugo says.
The truck driver returns in the morning and calls Anne for lunch. "His position was completely different," said the fitness instructor. The couple will have lunch and divide the dessert. Ana admits, however, that she does not feel comfortable taking Hugo home. "If he continues in this registry and in this position, I can bring him to his most intimate life".
The couple decides to do the activities together. Ana gives a personal lesson to her husband, but Hugo almost runs out of her pants during training. "I was a good student, even though the trousers were always falling. That was a PT strip," says Ana, entertained.

Dave says Eliana is "too close"

After a compromise ceremony in which both of them decided to continue their marriage, Eliana reveals he was sad about it Dave She did not embrace her. "I want to keep doing things and I feel that there's a lot of obstacles on your side," says surf instructor, who says Eliana has a passive role in the relationship.
Eliana says she was sad she did not meet her husband's family. The surf instructor says that the connection was not in the situation that made him comfortable. "It looks like you do not want to do anything," says Dave, complaining Eliana is "too close".

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