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New conceptual images of the Galaki S10 reveal different models of the screen


While the Samsung Galaki S10 does not reveal itself, many rumors and speculations will circulate over the Internet. The only thing you know about the next flagship of a South Korean manufacturer is that you get a visual upgrade. The statement is vague and leaves the space of imagination to be lost.

However, LetsGoDigital got the first picture of the next Samsung Galaxy S smart phone, which shows the concepts of different displays. The company was used by a South Korean design patent designer and shipped to the Hague International Design System, where companies can submit an industrial patent. After approval, the patent accepts 70 different countries.

(Image: LetsGoDigital)
(Image: LetsGoDigital)

Images do not have other information, without description, only visual assumptions. There are over 50 different models of the display, all with full screen design and a selfie camera in the upper left corner. In addition to the concepts, Samsung is curious about the color image.

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Below you will find a list of the main characteristics of the models depicted in conceptual arts.

(Image: LetsGoDigital)
  • Model A: a smartphone with a full-screen camera with a camera on the left side of the screen
  • Model B: full screen smartphone with rounded corners on the screen
  • Model C: a full-screen smartphone with borders on the screen to the right
  • Model D: a full-screen smartphone with borders on all four sides of the display
(Image: LetsGoDigital)
  • Model E: a full-screen smartphone without borders on the top and bottom of the screen
  • Model F: a full-screen smartphone without edge on the left and right side of the display
  • Model G: A smartphone with a full-screen display with bridging the bottom-to-back display
  • Model H: A smartphone with a full screen with a screen that creates a bridge from the top and bottom to the back
(Image: LetsGoDigital)
  • Model I: A smartphone with a screen in the upper left corner
  • Model J: a full-screen smartphone with a camera slot and various sensors
  • Model K: a full-screen smartphone with a camera slot and various sensors
  • Model L: full-screen smartphone with slot for auto-two cameras

It is obvious that the registration of so many different models does not allow anyone to gamble on the face of the Galaki S10, but it is interesting to realize that they share some characteristics of one and probably the final version of the top of the line will leave one of these drawings.

Samsung has not yet confirmed it, but it should officially announce the Galaki S10 during the Mobile Vorld Congress 2019, which will be held from February 25 to 28.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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