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New triple electric vehicle models for the year 2021 – News


At the same time, it is estimated that in 2023 16 large-scale lithium-ion battery production plants will work.

For Portugal, data from the IHS Markit that served as a basis for this study indicate that only 2023 vehicles with internal combustion engines will be produced.

"In 2024, according to the expectation of the information revealed by Volkswagen, 5% of the vehicles produced in our country will be hybrid vehicles plug-in, but none will be completely electric," said the statement of the environmental association ZERO about this study sent to Agency of Lusa.

On average between 2019 and 2025 Portugal is expected to produce between two and six electric vehicles per thousand inhabitants. "A low value compared to other countries," said Zero in the statement, in which he recalls that Portugal occupied the fourth place of the European sales of electric vehicles in 2018.

Currently, 100% electric cars represent 3% of the national market share, which is 9.4% considered alternative vehicles.

For ZERO, it is necessary to accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport sector and, therefore, proposes more restrictive measures in the sale of diesel and gasoline.

ZERO also points out that, despite being the European country with the most lithium reserves and the sixth in the world, Portugal "is completely out of the producing countries" with regard to electric vehicle batteries.

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