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Paraná confirms three more cases of dengue death; now they are eight


The epidemiological bulletin of the Department of State Health, with the official numbers of dengue, today registers three cases of deaths confirmed by the disease in the municipalities of Londrina, Maringá and Cascavel. There are now 8 deaths due to dengue in Paraná. The previous registries were confirmed in Londrina, 4 cases, and in Cascavel, one case.

"The Department of Health maintains in its routine the orientation on preventative measures in addition to working technically with the municipalities," said Secretary Beto Preto. "But a fundamental work at this time is that of all citizens, keeping their own home free from shoots and breeding grounds, this is our mission in view of the severity of dengue; the warning is for all communities, for all cities and for all the neighborhoods, "added the secretary.

The Department of Communicable Diseases of the Department of the Secretariat promoted courses and conferences on clinical management of dengue in 11 health regions, covering the municipalities with the largest number of cases, reaching 1,870 doctors and nurses in the municipal and private assistance networks.
Next week, the Secretariat will train in the Health Region of Irati, Paranavaí, Telêmaco Borba and Jacarezinho.
DENGUE NAMES – In Paraná there are 4,970 confirmed cases, with 779 cases more than last week. Of this total, 4,782 are native, that is, they were hired in the city where the person resides, and 188 are considered cases imported, which means that the person captured by the dengue outside the city where he lives.

The weekly bulletin also shows an increase in the number of municipalities with confirmed cases: there were 170 and now there are 181. Notifications and cases were investigated in 319 cities.

INCIDENTS: The municipalities with the most confirmed cases are Londrina, with 762, Foz do Iguaçu, with 431 and Japurá, with 338. Classifications with an epidemic risk are 78 municipalities of Paraná.
"Let us once again remind the population that the elimination of mosquito shoots is the main way to fight dengue, if it does not have the objective of Aedes aegypti, it does not have a serious illness and, therefore, Implicate all communities in prevention, "said Eneas Cordeiro de Souza Filho, of the sector of diseases transmitted by the Vectors of the Ministry of Health.

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