Monday , May 16 2022

Poisoning kills five people in Vila Real – Portugal


Five people were killed in the afternoon of this week by alcohol abuse in Rua do Comercio, in Fermentoes, Sabrosa municipality, in Vila Real.

Of the dead, two are girls, nine and 14, and three are adults, two of whom are between 50 and 60 years of age.

According to CM he was able to determine, the victims of death belong to the same family nucleus, bodies belonging to a couple, two daughters and a brother of a man.

The PJ Directorate has progressed CM according to the first analysis, the possibility of poisoning with carbon monoxide was withdrawn, so it must be poisoned by mushrooms (due to food traces).

On the other hand, Lusa, the official source of INEM said that the death of this family is due to inhalation of carbon monoxide.

Mayor Sabrosa, Domingos Carvas, has been promoted to CM that the first hypotheses indicated poisoning with carbon monoxide, but the second version improves that they can be mushrooms for poisoning by poisoning.

Commander of the Sabrosa Fire Brigade, Jose Barros, told CM that the deaths were confirmed by an INEM team and that family members had already been dead since dawn this week. The commander did not want to improve the possible causes of this failure, but he confirmed that this was a family and that this would be the second apartment, still incomplete (without windows and roof parts).

The warning was given at 16:39 this week by relatives. PJ Villa Reala was breathed on the scene to collect traces, and later bodies were transported to Vila Real or Oporto Institute, commander Jose Barros advanced.

According to CM through the PROCIV site, at 6:30 am, Sabrosa firefighters and GNR teams were available, with a total of 23 men and 12 terrain vehicles for support.

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