Friday , May 14 2021

Released new DLCs for Endless Space 2 • Portuguese players

Released new DLCs for endless space 2

Whoever belongs to the projects Amplitude Studios, has already become accustomed to the rhythm of launching new content, which consists of launching simple DLCs, between large extensions, often bringing new races, events, music, among others.

Last Thursday (15) the studio repeated this system when it released the DLC, Harmonic Memories i Heavenly world that Endless Space 2.

Harmonic Memories brings with it the original sound of the first one Endless space with a compilation of nine songs that were specifically selected by the composer FlibiNo. According to him, this new music content is a personal choice of his nine favorite songs from the first game, renamed new instruments and music artists. In addition, this DLC also includes a Harmonic hero FES2 Reflects, the hero who decided to accept Dust as a natural part of your life.

Already Heavenly world adds a new narrative line of missions with 14 chapters, 2 new single planets, 6 new weapon modules and 8 upgrades to the empire, plus more endings.

Endless Space 2 It is available at Steam for € 39.99. In the case of DLC, there are also heavenly worlds and harmonious memories with a discount of 10% to 22 November for € 2.69 (after this period will cost € 2.99).

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