Sunday , August 14 2022

Romantic side Mickael Carreira – Laura Figueiredo receives sightseeing on a special day


Laura Figueiredo He turned 32 on Sunday, November 11th. Companion, Mickael Carreira, did not allow a special day to pass without a declaration of love to his daughter's mother.

The eldest son Toni Carreira went to Instagram to demonstrate love for the public and share black and white photography, embraced his wife, where there is visible juicyness between them.

The title of the picture reads: "Just me! Congratulations" (which means in Portuguese only "just me"), accompanied by emotions of the heart.

The followers quickly congratulated the former host Fama Shova.

We recall that Mickael Carreira and Laura Figueiredo have been together since 2012 and have a joint daughter, Beatriz, about a year and a half.

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Text: VIN Writing – Digital Content; Photos: Instagram Playback

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