Tuesday , July 5 2022

SEF has brothers who exploited foreigners in farms in Alentejo


Two people were arrested on Monday, July 9, by the Aliens and Border Service, for suspicion of trafficking in persons, aiding illegal immigration and raising illegal work in an operation in Alcácer do Sal and Beja.

According to a statement sent by the SEF, the brother "brother" (brother) "led to the identification of 15 foreign citizens from Eastern Europe" who were "subject to degrading conditions regarding conditions of work, housing and health "

In the same note, SEF reports that victims "were properly marked as victims of trafficking in human beings and all the necessary support was provided" in an operation that mobilized 24 elements.

The two detainees are brothers, also "Eastern Europe", and "recruited workers from their countries of origin through the capture of better living conditions."

"In the national territory, the victims ended up being exploited in farms, in the preparation of the olive campaign, many of them ended without their remuneration and used physical violence," it can be read at the note

"During the search, several evidences of criminal activities were confiscated, such as money, mobile phones and laptops, as well as 11,000 cigarettes handcrafted in packs of 20 that were sold to workers, whose value goes deduct from the salary ".

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