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SP recommends a yellow fever vaccine for anyone on the coast


KThe mind has not yet been vaccinated against yellow fever and intends to travel to the Sao Paulo coast during the holiday season at the end of the year to take a vaccine up to ten days before taking the route. The warning, which was submitted by the State Health Department on Tuesday, December 6, takes into account the circulation of the virus on a large section of the coast, from Ubatub in the extreme north to Cananeia, in the far south, including the Ribeir valley.

"We recently had the death of a person who was contaminated by Caraguatatuba, and in the last 40 days there have been several cases of monkeys surrounded by forests, and the virus circulates in them," said Director of the Center for Epidemiological Surveillance of CEV, Regiane de Paula.

From the holidays this month to the carnival, at the beginning of March 2019, the Sao Paulo coast should receive around 10 million visitors, according to the State Secretariat for Tourism. "Those who intend to go to this region need to evaluate their vaccination situation and take a vaccine if they do not take them." This applies to residents of the region, the municipalities have intensified vaccination, but there are small-scale municipalities.

She said that the coverage on the north coast is higher than 85%, while Baikada Santista is 55%. "It's incredible that people do not resist, even knowing the risk," Regiane said.

On Monday, May 5, the Adolfo Lutz Institute confirmed the death of a yellow fever in the region. The victim, a 26-year-old who refused to take a vaccine, was infected in a rural area where she worked in Caraguatatuba. According to the director of surveillance, the current period is pre-scheduled, since seasonal illness lasts from December to May, but cases are already emerging, which supports the need for people to seek vaccinated workers. "All the municipalities of the country supplied the vaccine, but at that moment the priority is for those who will travel to areas with already registered or endangered cases because they have forests."

The advertiser Daniel Guedes from Sorocabe has done his homework. From the trip to Ihabela, on the north coast, the family was immunized. "We were recently in Corumbi (MS) and Bolivia, and on that occasion we already guaranteed a vaccine," he said. Business administrator Vinicius Shimao often travels to Santos, where his girlfriend Debora Martins attends the university. "We took the vaccine earlier in the year during the campaign."


The mayor of Santos disputes, in part, the data of the Registry that indicate low coverage in the region. "The Secretariat takes into account recent campaigns in the region, but in Santos, we had extremely large previous campaigns." A person who received the full dose of the vaccine five years ago has been immunized and is not counted. the population is vaccinated, "Health Secretary Fabio Ferraz said. He is afraid that the warning will affect tourism.

The city of Caraguatatuba reported that even after vaccination of more than 95% of the population, the vaccination continues from house to house in the furthest areas.


CEV Director says that from now on the flow of visitors to parks, waterfalls and caves, which are mostly located in the Ribeir valley, has continued. The region concentrates the main machines of the Mata Atlantica in the country and the virus is already circulating. "We had positive cases among residents of some cities and infected monkeys in Juku and Pedro de Toledo." Information from the newspapers State S. Paula.

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