Thursday , May 13 2021

The children warn that there are clients of NOVO without access to Sport TV

The Consumer Protection Association (Deco) discovered on Thursday, which received in just two days, 35 complaints from users of the NOVO, in the absence of Sport TV, without prior notice. "For many, access to this channel was considered essential at the time of joining the contract," says Deco, who will warn Anacom of the situation.

After contacting the company, customers were informed that, if they canceled the contract, they were punished for violating the loyalty period. As a form of compensation, NEW suggests to these customers to join other services or channels at no extra cost.

According to Deco, "this situation calls into question the rights and legitimate interests of consumers, because contracting the said channel as an additional service is essential in the interest of concluding a contract with an operator and therefore the consumer can not be harmful if you decide to cancel the contract."

The association also recalls that the amendment to the Electronic Communications Law requires that "any change in the contract be delivered to the consumer, and if he does not accept it, he may terminate the contract without any penalties applicable to it."

Last week, the sports channel stopped broadcasting in NOVO. It would be a refusal of the operator from the new conditions set by Sport TV, which "was considered to be unfair, inadequate and out of sync with the reality of the market". The channel was defending, stating that there was a debt to be paid at the end of the previous contract.

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