Monday , May 16 2022

The discovery of Picasso's stolen image was "a public scam"


Screen "Harlequin Head" Pablo Picasso was among the six pieces stolen more than six years ago from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, in which the Dutch media are considered "stealing the century".

Total estimated for 18 million euros, these tables that included two Monet, Gaugin and Matisse have not yet been found.

Mira Fetica, a Dutch writer of Romanian descent and author of the book on theft, thought he had discovered Picasso
after receiving an anonymous message ten days ago.

The message says the painting was buried in the forest in eastern Romania, in which the writer moved on Saturday.

On Sunday night, the writer explained to Dutch television that she was the victim of an art project by two Belgian theater directors Ives Degrise and Bart Baele, presented on Thursday in Anvers, Belgium.

According to the NOS, the writer claims to have received an email from the two Belgians, stating that the mysterious message is part of a project dedicated to the Dutch painter Geert Jan Jensen, whose fake figures of great masters have captured collections of Europe and other regions in the 1990s.

"A part of this performance," focused on the life of the forgery, "was prepared in silence over the past several months, with the idea of ​​returning Picasso's" Harlequin Head ", script writers wrote on his website.

Theater company Berlin, "currently wants to refrain from commenting", before talking to Fetic, look in the message. "We'll be back with details on this issue in the next few days," the directors said.

This morning, Romanian prosecutors said they were wondering about the authenticity of the image that would be hidden in the forest.

One of the convicts for the robbery, Olga Dogaru, told investigators that she burned pictures of the savings to protect her son, suspected of being the leader of the robbery. Dogaru later withdrew in a statement.

The Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism in Romania has said it is investigating whether the image found by the Dutch writer is just a picture of the missing Picasso.

The work, allegedly a picture of the stolen Picasso, was delivered on Saturday to the Dutch Embassy in Romania.

Mira Fetica is the author of "Tasha", the theft of 2012

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