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the guitarist remains hospitalized, but is well aware and conscious, the site says


Would be Igor Miranda, Source: TMZ
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TMZ today announced afternoon information on the health condition of Joe Perry (11). Aerosmith's guitarist was ill and hospitalized after taking part in the Billy Joel showdown at Garden Madison Square Garden in New York last Saturday (10).

According to the sources in the publication, Joe Perry is hospitalized, but is well aware. He will suffer from respiratory problems caused by congestion in the chest in the last weeks, which worsened on Saturday night.

Nevertheless, according to the sources in the publication, Perry can be fired later this week. However, the hospital did not issue an official note regarding this information.

Perry was hospitalized after attending Billy Joel's show in New York. Then he played the classic "Valk This Vai" Aerosmith, and then returned to the wardrobe where he would crash. The doctors had to attend him on the spot with an endotracheal tube, to improve his breathing. Then he was taken to the hospital.

For the first time, Joe Perry has to be hospitalized after being badly shown on the evening shows. In July 2016, the musician had to be hospitalized after falling to the performance with his second band, Hollywood vampires.
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Look below the video presentation last Saturday (10):

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