Sunday , May 22 2022

The PSI20 continues at a low level, and Jeronim Martins shares the negotiations for negotiations


By 0850 the main index of Lisbon, PSI20, continued to fall 0.60% to 4,874.37 points, with five stocks increasing, 11 drops and two unchanged (EDP and Ibersol).

Galp and Ramada Investimentos continued to advance 1.13% and 0.57% to 14.72 euros and 8.85 euros, respectively.

On the side of the losses, management belongs to Moti Engil and Jeronim Martins, who lost 4.26% and 1.83% to 1.53 euros and 10.44 euros, respectively.

Mota-Engil announced on Monday that it had bought 15,000 treasury shares, holding 5,717,507 shares, which corresponds to 2.4073% of the share capital.

Investors today will be careful to publish the economic review of the situation in October, as well as agricultural forecasts and industrial production.

Lisbon was in line with the main European stock markets, which have deteriorated today, with investors who want to stay up to the end of the negotiations with Brekitha, the commercial war, Italy and suspicions of the business cycle.

In addition to "Brekit" and friction between Italy and the European Commission, a Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday in the United States will be marked on Sunday and "Black Friday" on Friday, private consumption is fired around the world.

Investors are still waiting for Italy, waiting for the European Commission (EC) to announce a decision on the state budget this week, after Rome refused to change the proposal, although it pledged not to exceed the deficit of 2.4%.

Last week, Italy's decision not to fix the budget, although Brussels warned it to turn it into "unprecedented deviations" from European standards, has led to an increase in interest rates on government debt.

Also last week, the British Prime Minister accepted the precondition proposed by Brussels to leave the UK, claiming it "the most ambitious free trade agreement the EU has with any other country".

However, on Thursday, a clause on the Irish border caused the resignation of EU ministers and a working exit and Secretary of State for Brekit and Northern Ireland and a conservative vice president.

Markets will remain cautious about crude oil Brent, which fell by 7 percent on Wednesday after the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC) calculated a reduction of 1.1 million barrels per day in 2019.

In the US, a new home in October will be known, with estimates by economists hired by the Bloomberg agency, indicating an increase of 2% after a fall of 5.3% in the previous month.

The evolution of construction permits in the United States will also be disclosed.

At the foreign exchange rate, the euro opened lower in the foreign exchange market to $ 1.1452, down from $ 1.1454 on Monday and after falling to fall from June 2017 earlier on Sunday.

Brent crude for delivery in January was lower today, and trading was $ 66.49 at London's Intercontinental Exchange Futures (ICE), down 0.70 percent from the previous session and after trading over $ 85 in early October .

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