Saturday , May 8 2021

The Tesla 3 model arrived in Portugal and can reach everyone

Tesla is today a brand that has a strong position all over the world. After conquering the United States in a unique way, it has expanded its borders and reached many more countries.

Portugal is one of the countries that already has its presence, which is now strengthened. After the previous models, now is the time for Model 3 to make your presentation in our country and everyone can already try it.

Experienced Tesla Model 3 Portugal

Yesterday, at the beginning of the day, Tesla's El Corte Inglesa got the first unit of the newest Tesla model. Model 3 is now on the screen and everyone who is interested in learning about this new model can do it.

As expected, and given the worldwide interest that this electric car has achieved, the wealth to get acquainted with the new model 3 is perfect throughout the day.

This is the first opportunity in Portugal to visit the Tesla Showroom in Lisbon and fill Model 3, sit in and get to know you in more detail with the experienced branding team.

From a conversation between Plovdiv and Tesla, it was possible to see that this is a vehicle that shows great interest for Portuguese consumers, partly because of the technology that is in its origin, but also because of the price at which it will be available.

Plovdiv was also told that there was no definitive date for the commencement of his commercialization, expecting Tesla that in the first half of 2019 this model would be ready to be delivered to Portuguese buyers who make a previous reservation.

As for the price, Tesla still has no definitive value for our country, but the brand shows a value that should be close to 35 thousand dollars announced in the US.

Experienced Tesla Model 3 Portugal

Model 3 is a smaller, simpler and more affordable electric car than other brand models. This is a critical step in Tesla's mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy.

Model 3 got huge interest around the world, with customers making a first day booking and reaching 325,000 reservations in the first week, making model 3 the biggest product release for the first week.

Every curious and even potential customer now has a unique opportunity to test and test the Tesla Model 3 in Tesla's shop in Lisbon. Perhaps they do not make a previous booking of their next Tesla 3 model.

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