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The video shows that the new iPad Pro can easily be folded and damaged


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The new iPad Pro can obviously be completely destroyed without much effort, or it made it look like the latest video from the JerriRigEverithing channel. This is because the presenter Zack Nelson performed bending tests with the Apple device. The result? The tablet broke in half without much difficulty.

This video, however, is not the only one that puts the structural integrity of the iPad Pro in the bay, testing its physical endurance. In addition to ITube videos, some users also report on forums that tablets receive small curvature after one or two days of use, after being transported to a backpack, for example.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the device is a premium model and a high cost and therefore deserves some attention in its handling. Chris Velch of The Verge even reports that he bought the 11-inch iPad Pro and carried it in his backpack every day. So far, nothing has happened abnormally to your gadget.

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Although the case is not entirely new, as earlier iPads were probably similar in the way, it's worth remembering that before a product hits the stores, manufacturers are carrying out a series of tests of resistance – still in the video-recording effort to break the tablet apparently minimal .

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