Tuesday , September 27 2022

A possible reason why iPhone KSR production was reduced


A possible reason why iPhone KSR production was reduced

A possible reason why iPhone KSR production was reduced

Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt has learned that Apple has cut down on the production of smartphones for the iPhone KSR. He warned of further reduction in production and potential supply problems.

It was originally said that the iPhone KSR will be Apple's smartphone from 2018 and will be well sold. The initial news even said it overtook the iPhone 8 in terms of the number of superiors.

However, recent news has revealed that Apple has canceled production intensification for this smartphone, which led to speculation that the iPhone KSR might not sell, but some thought.

It remains to be seen whether this speculation is true or not. But, according to Apple's new analysts Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt, the decline in smartphone production could be caused by quality issues with printed boards, which is why Apple has canceled the increase in smartphone production until the problem persists.

According to Jun Zhang, "We believe that some of the delivery of printed circuits quickly fell this week, which can be attributed to quality issues in Skivorks. We believe that this decline in Apple's iPhone KSR production could be attributed to recently discovered quality issues. "

However, you have to note that I have not heard of any complaints about the major problems of the quality of the iPhone KSR in production, despite the fact that printed circuits are very important in our electronics.

There may be no problems and the car simply did not rise to Apple's standards. However, since the company will no longer announce how many smart phones are selling, we presume that we will never know how much the KSR sold.

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