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Agnieszka Radwanska withdraws from tennis! Powerful games with Simone Halep

Agnieszka Radwanska He was retired from tennis for only 29 years, hit by many injuries that have been strained by him lately. The player in Poland is a true legend for the VTA circuit, although he has never managed to win the Grand Slam Tournament. The final in Wimbledon 2012, lost in three sets ahead of Serena Villiams, remains the best result in Poland on major tournaments.

Instead, Aga managed to win the tournament in the 2015 championship. He also earned less than five Grand Slam titles in a Double Probation. Twice he won Roland Garros and three times on Wimbledon. All in all, Radwanska won at least 20 VTA titles. The best place in career was the second place, immediately after that finale in Wimbledon.

Agnieszka Radwanska withdraws from tennis! "I can not push my body across the borders"

"Unfortunately, I can not train and play as I used to do. My body can no longer reward my expectations. Given my health and the difficulty of the car, I must admit that I can not push my body off its borders ", notes that Radvanska was released. Aga was ranked 75th on the VTA ranking list.

Even if it did not get the first place, Radwanska has always been one of the most entertaining players on the circuit. For six consecutive years, he won the title of favorite fans in the VTA round. He was the first player in Poland to win the grand slam final in the open season, and the first to achieve the second position of the VTA hierarchy. He won more than 27 million euros in tournament prizes.

Simona Halep and Aga Radwanska have faced 11 times in their career! 6-5 for Polish

Agnieszka Radwanska was a regular opponent of Simone Halep in many important career moments for both players. The first direct conflict was held in 2011 at the Australian Open in 3rd round. This was after Simona won her first win in Grand Slam's main picture. But Radwanska, then a dedicated player at that time, did not have emotions. It was 6-1, 6-2 for Poland.

The next direct match was in Brussels in the final, and Simona Halep tried to mark the first title of the VTA career. The first set was balanced, but Radwanska finally won it in five. The second was the discretion of the Poles, which was set to zero. A minimum victory for Agu in Auckland has also been achieved. The fourth conflict led to the first success of Simone Halep.

In 2013, in Rome, Simona came from a perspective as a player, but she still did not achieve a great victory. She faced Radwanska on the tournament 1 after qualifying. Polish was the fourth place in the world! The first set was won by Aga after a fierce battle at the tie-break. The Romanian did not succumb to, and even began to dominate the game clearly. He got the next hand, 6-1, 6-2.

Simona Halep was forced into Dubai in 2014, the most important career for her. In the semifinals, Simona Halep returned from Radwanska again and made 2-3 matches. It was 7-5, 6-2 for Romanian. And then win with Angelica Kerber in the final. The sixth direct match was also the first match in the Premier Premier category category. In Indian Vells, in the semifinals. Radwanska was forced to a minimum set, and Halep had to wait a year for the title in California.

Halep defeated Radwanska and scored the only finals on the tournament in the championship!

Simona Halep arrived 3-4 times in the second career. On her first march to the tournament in the championship! In the semifinals! It's clear victory, but Rumunia will lose the finals with Serena Villiams. Halep equalized four in direct matches in 2015 in Toronto in the quarter-finals. Romania should play the finals, but Belinda Bencic lost.

A few months later, the Polish was introduced to Singapore, the Tournament Champion, in the group phase, and was again favorable. Simona Halep made 5-5 after the match in the quarter-finals in Cincinnati, when set in two sets. Then he lost in the semifinals in Kerber. Then, while Aga came out of the first plan, the two of them were not direct duels.

Simona Halep won the first big career victory with Agnieszka Radwanska, and for Poland she can say that she has achieved one of her last great career, even against Romanians. Right this year, in Miami. Simona came after a good run in Indian Vells and looked great. While Radvanska seemed able to keep pace. Halep became a big favorite and appeared on the list after the success of the first set. But the Polish raised the level and took the next two rounds. In the next round, Aga did not face a duel with Victoria Azarenko.

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