Friday , May 20 2022

ALERT on ARAD. A man stabs an unknown person. The crews of the police are looking around the city


County Police Spokesman (IPJ) Arad Claudia Iuga said the victim had three stab wounds, one in the chest, one in a thigh, and one in his hand. Nobody knows who the aggressor is, nor the motive of aggression, according to

A man was transported to a district emergency medical clinic for medical care. The worst is the wound in the chest area, which requires surgery.

Several police ships went on the scene to investigate, and the investigation was aggravated by the fact that the aggressor escaped immediately after the execution of the act.

"The colleagues from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Arada Police Inspectorate Arada, from the Arad Police and other Police Departments are investigating the identification and identification of the author, as well as to determine the situation, this incident in terms of committing the crime of shock and other violence," added Claudia Iuga .

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