Sunday , May 22 2022

Apple. 5 reasons to turn on the computer with the iPad Pro


Apple ipad for PC

the Apple continues a series of commercials that try to convince customers that the iPad Pro is the perfect replacement for the computer, and the video below shows 5 theoretical good reasons. Apple has for years been saying that iPad Pro can replace any computer, but so far no one has come to this conclusion seriously.

Even so, Apple has released a new video in which it continues to promote the iPad Pro tablet instead of computers, and some of the reasons are pretty convincing. Of course, there remains a big problem with the software, many programs that are great for many people and are not available on tablets, but in a few years this problem will be resolved.

Here are five reasons why Apple says iPad Pro can replace the computer:

  1. It's more performance than most computers
  2. It's more comprehensive, with face ID for face recognition, camera software, photo and video editing, Notepad, plus music editing applications
  3. Provides more portability and compatibility with 4G networks
  4. The touch screen makes it easy to use
  5. Apple Pencil simplifies the creative process of graphic artists

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