Monday , August 15 2022

Apple Watch Series 7 officially relinquishes the hidden diagnostic port


The Apple Watch diagnostic port has been a mysterious part of the portable range since its first model, but the new 7 Series officially leaves the six-pin port.

First noticed by MacRumors, you can see the lack of a port when you remove the lower strap from an Apple Watch Series 7: the company has removed the hidden dashboard and the port behind it. Intended for internal diagnostic use, the port has not been officially recognized on Apple’s website or documentation. But the diagnostic port briefly suggested the possibility of expanding the Apple Watch with hardware accessories.

The most famous of these was the spare belt, which attempted to use the port to extend the battery life of the Apple Watch, incorporating additional batteries in a specially designed band, which would fit directly into the diagnostic port. . The port really offered Faster more than Apple’s magnetic cable.

Image: spare belt

Unfortunately, Apple quickly blocked this capability and seat belt (along with virtually every other attempt to exploit the port for useful purposes). For the later life of the Apple Watch, it continued to be useful for its intended use: internal diagnostics and Apple repairs.

Of course, Apple still needs a way to diagnose the Apple Watch and seems to replace the mysterious port with a similar one Following mysterious 60.5 GHz wireless module paired with a magnetic docking station capable of transferring local data for internal use. This has sparked some speculation that Apple will use the 7 Series as a test bed for a future portless iPhone, which could use similar technology to replace the cables to connect to a computer. But if we’ve learned anything from years of unnecessary diagnostic wear, it’s that sometimes there’s no more meaning or greater use in proprietary diagnostic tools.

Updated October 13 at 5:17 pm: MacRumors provisioning added.


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