Wednesday , December 8 2021

Becali's nerve reaction after Fire closed the National Arena until next year


Gigi Becali reacted angrily after his sentence, mayor Gabriel Fire announced that next year he would close the National Arena for grassland problems.

Becali said that Fire was "a woman who does not know football" and that she does not explain her decision by the Mayor of Bucharest.

"I do not know what will happen, I talk to her, it's very difficult for us, we can not, we have difficult matches with CFR, Viitorul and Gaz Metan, nor will we have anywhere to play. I have no idea where to play, I will try to talk to her, I can not close it for three months, because the lawn can be changed in a week, why do you need 2-3 months? I will talk to her. What, she knows, is she good on the lawn?

So far I have not spoken because I do not want to disturb her, she is a woman, she has so much headaches, wars with Dragnej and others. Do you think there is time for the lawn? Is it to the lawn? Now I'm in a delicate position, that if it was not my good, it was different. I do not even like to ask women, even if it's my good. If it were a man, that was something else, "Becali told Nevs.

This autumn, the FCSB was forced to move from the National Arena because the City Assembly wanted to restore the playground.

After more than a month in exile, the FCSB returned to the National Arena, but the grass was again destroyed, while the Town Hall organized an event in which 3,500 children played football for three days.

Conquered by the Fire decision, the FCSB will be compelled to find a new stadium for matches with Gaz Metan Medias, Viitorul and CFR Cluj.


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