Monday , September 26 2022

By 2030, Israel will ban fossil fuel cars


The Israeli law proposes banning all cars on fossil fuels and replace them with electric vehicles or work on compressed natural gas. If the law is passed by the government, the deadline for the sale of petrol or diesel vehicles is December 31, 2030 in the country.

The decision to do so will be made by the end of the current year, and in the next 12 years there is a plan for replacing petrol stations and encouraging the replacement of classic vehicles with modern ones. At that time, there are less than 100 electric vehicles on the streets of Israel, but it is planned to increase this figure to 177,000 by 2025, when the authorities hope to start a massive increase in sales of electric vehicles with projections of some 20 million such cars in the streets of 2030.

In the meantime, 2,000 filling stations will be built across the country, while petrol stations will be encouraged over time to replace gas stations with electric chargers. Also, in order to encourage the adoption of electric cars, these vehicles will no longer be taxed, which will reduce costs.

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