Monday , May 10 2021

Censorship is blocked again. The opposition realized, but disagreed

The wave of resignations and dissatisfaction of the Social Democrats with Liviu Dragnea, who had multiplied, led the president of the PNL Ludovic Orban, who invited Eugene Tomac, PMP President and Dan Barne, USR President, to the meeting. to agree with the movement of censorship. Liberal sources have told "Evenimentul Zilei" that the three leaders have divided their "spheres of influence" into the PSD, in order to convince as many MPs vote against the government's proposal.

PNL spokesman Ionel Danca said yesterday that between 30 and 42 MPs could be convinced they would vote for the proposal, but there would be a problem with ALDE. Liberals believe that, in view of the vote to lift the immunity of ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, it could be pressure from the PSD not to join the opposition. "From our estimates, around 30-42 MPs from the government who have expressed their opposition to Liviu Dragnei may be persuaded to vote on censorship, said Danca.

Liberals will prevail

PNL sources said, for Evenimentul Zilei, that PNL will not endanger and will not submit a proposal made by another party. Eugen Tomac, PMP president, confirmed to Evenimentul Zilei that the proposal would be launched by the liberals, although he first presented the document version.

Over the past days, Ludovic Orban said that he had spoken to many deputies in the majority coalition and that the government would fall by January 1, 2019. Asked whether he personally was ready for his post as prime minister, the liberal leader said that after the government had abandoned "There will be negotiations that are constitutionally organized by the president of Romania, and the formula will surely be better than this government crash that is today."

Liberals believe that in the government formed by the opposition parties, Orban would lead the Executive Committee, and PNL would have the largest portfolio, proportional to the number of deputies. Tomac looks more optimistic and understands he wants a new executor to the centenary. "Romanians have the right to celebrate the centenary of the Great Union on December 1 in the tension of a free atmosphere without these uncontrollable spills of desperate politicians, said the deputy.

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