Monday , August 15 2022

Cornel Dinu quit Dinamo players. "I can not worry, they've replaced their business!" ⚽


Cornel Din eliminates Dinamo players at the end of the derby against FCSB, score 1-1, in the 15th round of the 1st League of Betano, season 2018 – 2019. The "Prosecutor" attacked Goer and Gomel, two footballers who were titles at the National Arena.

"It was a tough match, when you were a soccer player and you see such anxiety … There are Dinamo players who can not focus, they missed a job, you can not think of the 52 minute playing with an extra man and not see Steaua has extra quality.

Cornel Dinu quit Dinamo players

Mircea Rednic is about to turn the ball in the middle. As long as Gomelt or Cooper does not care about side players, you can not have any claims. It may have some playing paths, but it's a very difficult situation. Rednic might be in the playoffs, but he still has difficult matches, said Corneliu Dinu GSP.

"There is no lawn in the National Arena, it is a country, it should not be surprised because it is in the subjugation of the City Hall. See how to care about Bucharest and you understand" Cornel Dinu

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