Tuesday , July 27 2021

COURSE SURVEY April 2021 – NLP in free fall. PSD and USR PLUS retain their positions. GOLD and PMP rise slightly – News by sources

The National Liberal Party (NLP) is starting to feel full of government problems. The Liberals are massively resolving the austerity measures taken by the government and the Coalition scandals in government. The nmnibus survey conducted by the Center for Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS) in April shows a sharp decline in NLP, while the difficult governing partners of USR PLUS maintain their positions.

According to sociological research, if the parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, the scores of the parties would be as follows:

PSD: 33% (almost the same as in the CURS survey in February (34%); 29% in the elections)

NLP: 21% (compared to 26% in the January poll and 25 in February / 26% in the election)

USR-PLUS: 16% (same as in the January and February polls and the same as in the elections)

GOLD: 12% (12% in the January poll and 9% in February / 9% in the election)

UDMR: 4% (compared to 4% in January and February and 5% in the elections)

PMP: 5% (increase in January and February polls: 3% and 1% increase over elections: 4%)

PPU-sl: 4% (3% in February)

Pro Romania: 3% (compared to the January (25) and February (2%) polls and down 1% compared to the elections)

Others: 2%



Sample universe: adult population resident in Romania, aged 18 and over

Sample volume: 1107 respondents, voters over 18 years of age

Sample type: probabilistic, multistage, stratified

Maximum margin of error for the whole sample: +/- 3% with a confidence level of 95%

Data collection method: computer-assisted telephone interview method (CATI)

Sample validation: is based on the most recent INS data

Data are not weighted

Completion period: April 14-17, 2021

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