Thursday , August 11 2022

Decision of the National Bank in the middle of the war on Romania's reserve of origin – News sources


In the middle of the war with the PSD on gold reserves, the National Bank made the decision to liberalize the public access to the Romanian reservation of Romania. To this end, the NBR opens its historical headquarters and exhibits gold ingots and gold coins. The open day at the National Bank of Romania will be April 17, between 11 and 19.

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Senators adopted the bill on Monday, initiated by the PSD president, Liviu Dragnea and Senator Şerban Nicolae, for which the National Bank of Romania is obligated to bring almost all the gold reserve in London to Bank of Spain, 39; England.

The Social Democrats argue that it is not justified that the BNR pay commissions for custody of the foreigner, as long as you have reached the market economy in operation The Legislative Council warns that this change in the status of the NBR requires the opinion of the European Central Bank.

The bill, which will now be presented to debate the members, modifies Law 312/2004 on the Statute of the BNR and introduces a new paragraph to the chapter of the Reserve, which seriously limits the possibility of the central bank holding the gold out of the country. "From the established reservation, the National Bank of Romania can deposit gold abroad exclusively to obtain income. The deposits of gold established by the National Bank of Romania abroad can not exceed 5% of the amount total of gold constituted as a reserve ", affirms the approved draft.

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