Thursday , January 27 2022

Delia, a great surprise for "Acadelia"! N & D reassembled and erected the courtyard hall on its feet


The three days of the Acadelia show have made up to 12,000 people in Sala Palatului a complex show, supported by Delia, and organized by Global Events & Delia Event. In addition to the well-known parts of the artist, many composed, choreographers and incredible scenography, special costumes were also played by costumes, which became apparent through their originality and playful details.

In all three evenings, Delia carried 15 stocks and 20 ballet members, 200. Hilke Muslim worked for them for three weeks. "I did a lot at all because I used atypical materials such as plastic or leather. Delia always comes with innovative things, so costumes need to be complex. All the time I tell myself that I have to think about something that nobody can remember"Hilke said.

70 balls Hilke hands are sewn on one of the suits and at least 30 meters from the tile are used to create a dress consisting of two huge hearts. "When I begin to do things from less common materials, I am aware that I have to do them"Hilke says.

Of course, in all the excitement, events were happening, as well as footage. "On the last day of the performance, the closure of a pair of short dresses worn by Delia stuck and started on the scene"Hilke remembers. Although it was a complex task, only 15 seconds was the fastest change made in the rear of three people.

An exhibition in height from all points! This can be said about the concert "Acadelia", during which the viewers of the hall could see the work of Delija and her team in the last few months. The scene turned into a kingdom of sweets, a hall decorated with an entire recipe, stunning choreographers, perfectly synchronized dancers, fascinating costumes and an artist who once again showed that such shows can be held in Romania.

Special guests: Nick and Grasu KSKSL

There were also special guests, Nicka, with whom Delia performed the songs "I Want to Cry" and "Come To Me" and Grasa KSKSL, the one with whom she released "Despablito", one of the hits of this summer. One of the strongest moments of the show was Delia's duet with sister Oana, who was in charge of her second child, a little boy. The two performed performances "Who made me a big man", and they talked about childhood and loses that come with maturity, while they shot at them from the younger ones.

In addition to the wonderful artistic performances of Delija and all those involved in the musical story on the scene, the acadelia emission of the shade has also been provided by high-voltage laser devices, 130 square meters of LED screens and up to 300 intelligent light devices. The games of light and shadows, 3D effects and graphics are impressive artistic moments. Everybody respected the concept of the show, including confetti, which were in the form of lollipops.

The concert "Acadelia" crosses the borders not only from the production aspect, but also from its own. He arrives in London on November 25, where Delia will play more than 3,000 people at the O2 Arena.

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