Tuesday , October 26 2021

Devil 2: Resurrected: Blizzard announces fixes; The first patch is here


September 25, 2021, 11:05 p.m.

Blizzard has announced solutions for Devil 2: Resurrected. The first patch to fix some minor bugs has now been released.


  • creators Devil 2: Resurrection They announced that they were working on patches for the game.
  • He has already received his first small patch that solves some problems.
  • We can wait until next month.

first Diablo 2: Resurrection program did not come out as Blizzard probably expected. The game was so messy. Some problems occurred due to server overload and others, due to common errors. Fortunately, the studio has already announced that it is working on patches that will fix the bugs that prevent a comfortable game.

Community Manager x Nico Holly confirmed In the official Blizzard forum that deals with the team Devil 2: Resurrection aware of mistakes. He cited the most common problems, such as the loss of characters, the inability to start the game, or joining existing pressure groups. The studio is also working on a b³êdu solution, which requires players to have an AVX processor.

Shortly after the previous forum post was posted, Blizzard has released a small update to the game. W Correction Notes We can read that players no longer have trouble losing the progress of their heroes. Several other bugs have been fixed, such as sudden crashes and crashes. Unfortunately, AVX issues have not yet been resolved. Still, the PezRadar community manager announced that we can expect an update that will resolve it on Monday.

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