Tuesday , July 5 2022

DIGI 24: The "Morometii 2" team comes in CA-N FILM


From the contestants Challenge of the star She wants to leave the scene and give up when the jury comments on her progress on stage. The competition that will be issued by the future stars of Romanian music is in TVR 1 every Saturday at 21.00. Andreea Banica gives us a meeting on November 10, listening to the most beautiful Romanian music.

Sanda Ladosi, Stefan Stan and Mihai Alekandru, mentors of competitors Challenge of the star they worked with their competitors for a week to prepare the 10th edition. On recordings of Release 3, they also manage tense situations. Not all competitors are ready for critical observation of the jurors. So, in the release we will see on Saturday, one of the competitors, excited and tired after a week of intense tests, is ready to leave the film platform, eager to hear jury commentaries.

Each of the three mentors is in line with two competitors: those who qualify for the second edition and three new votes. Only one competitor managed to continue Star Challenge, from the first edition so far. This is Ana Maria Neath, from the composer, Mihai Alekandra, also known as the "blonde girl".

Several testimonies will provoke young performers who want a path in the light of Romanian music, including: questions about the Romanian music field, interpretation of the song from the repertoire of the members of the jury and interpretation of the old Romanian song. Andreea Banica gives us a meeting in TVR 1 on Saturday, November 10 at 21:00, on the new edition Challenge of the star.

Oana Sarbu, an artist whose music always excites us, Gabriel Cotabita, who gave us songs that are stuck in the soul (Blue Night, Ave Maria, First Love and Last) i Ileana Sipoteanu, one of the most popular Romanian voices, who sings for love for over 30 years – takes the third jury chair Star Challenge. They will record competitors from editions and choose three who enter the next round. We will listen to the jury songs: "Sing and dance" (Oana Sarbu), "wave of waves" (Ileana Sipoteanu) or Gabriel Cotabita, "Heaven is on earth".

At the third edition, he raised the stage Challenge of the star qualified contestants on November 3, to which three new votes are added. They come to try, together with Anne Maria Neat, in Bucharest, Stelian Ciuciuc, from Focsani and Ioan Riste from Bac, whom we already know, and Mariuca Bursuc (also from Bacau, but living in Constanta), Olivia Vizitiu Bacau, and Theodore Socaciu (Cluj Napoca).

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