Sunday , September 26 2021

Drula: In two months 20 electric trains will be bought. It would be great to have modern electrical frames like in Italy

Transport Minister Cătălin Drulă announced on Friday that 20 new and modern electric trains will be bought in two months. He also said he wants to buy 17 more trains from European funds, such as those recently purchased in Italy.

“Within a maximum of two months we will sign a contract to buy 20 new, modern and modern electric trains, with the option to buy another 17 and I think it would be an absolutely excellent idea to buy 37 trains. And we are talking 37 trains, electric and modern racks, with approximately 350 seats, have recently bought these frames for the railway system in Italy and elsewhere, “said Cătălin Drulă, quoted by Mediafax.

According to him, this is part of the “solution of the future” and not the cloth that has been made for decades, in which 40-year-old locomotives are repaired.

“The consequence of chronic underfunding in recent years is not yesterday or today, nor in the last three months nor in the last 6 months, but in 30 years and I don’t shy away from saying that and I kept saying it. What we have to do is remove this system from the pit where it was dumped.

This cannot be done with gestures or words, but with the massive capitalization of these companies and the investment money. There is no efficiency without investment.

I am a liberal and that is part of the liberal doctrine. There is no efficiency just through gestures. It’s profitable, either to invest in equipment to replace people, or if it’s really circulating: new trains, new rails to be specific, ”the Transport Minister said.

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