Tuesday , September 27 2022

EXCLUSIVE Dorin Rotariu has a clear message after FCSB and Dinamo kicked off a transfer


"There's no way to go back! In Alkmaar there are three months, he played and gave up yesterday. It's not me, but he does not want it first. There's another contract with Bruges for a year and a half. Now he started playing Alkmaar, "Eli Rotariu told GSP.RO.

Dorin Rotariu belongs to the club Brugge, who loan him this season in the Netherlands to AZ Alkmaar, where he scored in 9 official matches. Rotariu achieved success, this time on a friendly match on Thursday, with Groningen, the result of 2-3.

Rotary's goal can be seen at 00:50

1,500,000 €is the share of Rotariu, according to the transfer

Rotariu, who grew up in Timisoara and dedicated to Dinamo, is in Bruges since January 2017, when he was bought with 2.2 million euros

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