Tuesday , September 27 2022

France: Authorities seized the Rianair plane with 149 passengers on board immediately before taking off


Passengers were later forced to land and make another flight to London five hours later. The French authorities described the action as "unfortunate" and stated that the solution was finally found.

"It's sad that the state had to take such actions, which led to dissatisfaction among 149 passengers on a confiscated plane," the government said in a statement.

Court disputes date from 2008 to 2009, when the local government offered subsidies to Rianair for flights from Angouleme airport – about two hours northeast of Bordeaux – in London.

The subsidies paid to Air France-KLM, Transavia, were then considered unlawful by the European Commission in Brussels, and France was forced to repay the money.

Ryanair paid less than the extra cost of their presence at Angouleme Airport, "the EC said in a statement for 2015." For this reason, the airline has benefited from ungrounded economic advantages and distorts competition in the single market.

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