Friday , May 20 2022

He hid himself in arbitration and collected thousands


A Romanian football player has discovered that he has made countless counterfeits lately. With incredible unreality, he said he broke matches to get money to treat his father.

Central Defender Alin Stoic (left photo, 30 years old) has developed in his career for Astra, Petrolul, Otopeni, Chiajna, Fortuna Brazi and ASA Targu Mures, but also for several small teams from abroad.

With a brilliant career, Stoica admits he has crashed several games to get money.

It all happened in 2016 when Stoica dressed up in arbitration and led many friendly matches from Cyprus, such as Kuban Krasnodar, Ural, Rad Belgrade, Spartak Moscow 2, Lokomotiv Moscow U21 and AEL Limassol.

Stojka says he has arrived in Cyprus, which was brought by Latvian Central Defender Kirils Grigorovs, who in the first phase brought him 500 euros for every match.

He said he agreed that the judges in the matches because he needed money to help his father.

"My parents were in Turkey where my father treated cancer." He was at the stage of terminology, gave his doctors to the country for two months, and the Turks gave us hope and said they have 60 percent chance of survival. My dad went there for immunotherapy and radiotherapy, but it costs us 40,000 euros, "Stoica told Gazeta Sporturilor.

Stojka says he wants to stop after the first match, but Kirils convinced him to stay. When he learned that he had to knock out matches, he asked for more money.

"I think he was in the first game with a team from Russia or Serbia, but nothing happened." I took my money and I wanted to go, but Kirils told me to stay. They had many matches, I said that I am not an arbiter and I do not understand. "He does not even have to be good enough," he told me, so what should I do? "Maybe in a certain game you do not have to raise a fanion, you can not see it." When I saw what I should do, I asked him for 1,000 euros, and he gave me 1,000, "Stoica recalled.

According to the source, Stoica has arbitrarily defeated at least 15 matches in the Cyprus camp. He had instructions on every match.

"Kirill spoke to the sculptor and said:" In the tomorrow's game do not raise a fan! Leave the game free! "In the second game," pick up! "Some games need goals, which made sense, it's never clear," explained Stoica.

In matches with Stoic as an arbiter, there were many random errors: fictitious fines, canceled goals, all for the result to get out as the net that bet on false matches wants.

According to the source, other Romanian footballers have also arbitrated in Cyprus. It is about Silviu Posteuci (players in Dinamo), Adriana Udrei (former Academica Clinceni) and Alek Dragomir (former head Academica Clinceni).

The network will be channeled by Chinese Eric Mao, who is said to have links with the betting mafia. He also took part in the club Academica Clinceni, who at the time was suspected of breaking up the parties.


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