Thursday , December 9 2021

How to Convert Your iPad Pro to a MacBook


How to Convert Your iPad Pro to a MacBook

Bridge, the main speaker, announced several new iPad Pro iPads. Based on the previous buttons of this company, these new models should allow the iPad Tablet slide at any angle, while the smart keyboard Apple keyboard is limited to just two angles.

When Apple announced its new iPad tablet, the company introduced the new Smart Keiboard device, which is largely similar to Apple's previous one.

In addition, the new Smart Keyboard gives users two different angles to view their tablets. However, if you want more freedom when it comes to viewing angles and better keys, Bridge may have something for you.

The company recently released a new keyboard / case for the new iPad Pro. As you can see in the picture above, the way the Bridge designs the case converts the iPad iPad tablet a little into the MacBook, which is not bad.

Also, due to the design of the case, you can tilt the iPad Pro tablet. The keyboard details are a bit limited at this point, so it's unclear whether these keyboards will connect to iPad Pro tablets using a smart back-up connector or Bluetooth.

The second variant seems to be the most common way to connect keyboards, but the disadvantage is that they will have to enter them separately. This is different from the smart connector that will load the device while it is being used.

So, as long as the tablet is full, you will not have to worry that the keyboard is out of power. Price information was not shared, but Brad's previous generations had prices of $ 140 and $ 150, so the new device should have a price in that range. The device that converts the iPad Pro into the MacBook will likely find a place.

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