Monday , May 16 2022

"If I did not come, the club was closed"


Former Economic Director of Poli Iasi has launched a series of sharp allegations to the current Copou financier, revealing that the team is close to a financial collapse, and that Horia Sabo would not even bring lava from home.

The answer to Sabo did not delay. Although he can not prove at the moment about an association agreement he signed with Poli Iasi for the next five, the financier says he has invested around 400,000 euros since he took over the club. Sabo believes that Poli Iasi would bankrupt if he did not take over the team.

Horia Sabo responds to the former director

"I think he was upset about his resignation. When he received bonuses every month and doubled his salary for almost a month, did he like it?" "Is it okay then?" "It's hard for her head, will you tell me something?" I did not have a bad accountant in my life. In my life, I held him because I promised not to give it to anyone. Tim, if I did not come, did not have anything to eat, they starved, Stoikan, all from Criste, Ambrosia, were the Sabbath words for

We brought 386,000 euros, right. With the digits registered in ANAF. Now it's money. If I did not come, the club was closed on July 25th. I brought a good leadership leadership that was doing the job. The team lived and lived well, in 4th place as a salary budget.

That's why a singer or a footballer is not his manager because he is not good at work. You do not trust all the idiots, I have figures, they are registered in ANAF. Five million dollars were paid after I came to the club and actually spent 10. How? Did the dick come, you think? " – said Horia Sabo for ProSport.

Follow the match with FCSB

For Poli Iasi, 11th in the 1st League Betano, with 17 points, follows the match with the FCSB. The Moldavians interrupted Astra with six consecutive defeats. Iasi won 2-1 in the field of the Astra, although most of the games with a minusweeper evolved.

Poli Iasi won every time with 1-0 FCSB in the previous two direct matches in Kopou.

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