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Ilinca Vandici, confessions that brought tears to the eyes. The reason went through a depression


Ilinca Vandici broke out during an interview after explaining one of the most painful moments of his life: the loss of his father. The presenter of FanArena revealed that his father had been ill for 5 years, and then died of his life in his eyes without power. Currently, Ilinca is one of the most beloved native moderators and has a beautiful family, enjoying all of her child, Zian, derived from marriage with Andrei Neacsu, but his father's memory still casts his face on him.

Ilinca Vandici has gone through a "cruel" depression

The venerable moderator explained that he had entered depression before his father was extinguished because he felt he was not doing well with a psychologist to resolve this illness.

"I was not able to manage the situation at this time. My father was ill for five years. I thought we expected things to happen. I was 21 or 22. I did not know how to handle, but I felt responsible to my sister, the My mother. They are even more sensitive than me.

I had to take that weight to my shoulders. I entered a hard depression after 5 months, then I opened my soul a bit. I woke up with this problem, I've been driving with a psychologist. I'm not afraid to say. I managed to find the pain that crushed me then, the abandonment I felt, the fear and the fear. My father treated everything, money, money, then the pillar that I knew and gave me was safe, "said the star at Viva's interviews.

Ilinca Vandici broke her tears when she talked about her father's death

Although ten years have passed since his father died, Ilinca Vandici still keeps alive the moment of the loss of his father, who died in 2008. Ilinca Vandici was 21 years old when he lost his father. "Then I understood why this happened and he accepted. I took my life in my hands and could do all the things. I was already in Bucharest … I was in Bucharest and in some way my father I expected.

It was a Thursday night and the mother told me to go home. The next day we took the plane, we arrived, we talked with him, I ate and my mother went to the hospital. I just stayed with him. She hoped that she would go home, to say goodbye to me. He took me very hard, turned his face to the wall and it was time … ", added the star, for the aforementioned source.

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