Tuesday , May 17 2022

it makes you forget any top notch jeep that did


If you’ve ever had an affinity for Dacia Duster, you’re sure to be amazed at the creation of the next clip. It has benefited from a major upgrade on the body side and seems to be able to fight with SUV 2-3 times more expensive.

A few weeks after detailing a futuristic project to reinvent a Duster, we have another example that makes you breathe and makes you forget that we are talking about a fireball coming out the door of the Mioveni factory. This version was created by the Germans from Prior Design. The iteration of the next clip comes from Turkey, even if you wouldn’t think the Turks have a very broad culture when it comes to car tuning.

From the Turks comes Dacia Duster that surprises you

While Dacia’s designers didn’t go very far with the Duster model’s level of aggressiveness, it looks like many of those who buy this car see huge potential in the Romanian SUV. Otherwise, I can’t explain why the Otosport Turks managed to make such an impressive Duster.

The result of the Turks in terms of tuning was illustrated in a 16-minute clip posted on YouTube channel Doğan Kabak. From the following tables the level at which the changes were made can be deduced.

The tuning kit includes widened front and rear wings, which extend to the front and rear bumpers. There is also a new grille, new side sills and a rear speaker. Although we are not talking about the new edition of the Dacia Duster 2021 facelift, on the front, the Turks have mounted a new Dacia brand logo. The imposing combination of rims and tires also helps the overall look. In the end, you have a Dacia Duster that will definitely catch the attention of pedestrians.

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