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Losing cost of costs – When Carlos Ghosn, the charismatic chief of Renault, was arrested on Monday – the car


The announcement that prominent Carlos Ghosn was arrested for tax scams has thrilled many people because he was considered the most influential person in the automotive industry. Ghosn is known for his methods of re-launching companies with major problems, and for his actions he was called Le Cost Killer. In the sale of Ghosn's Wagon, Logan, Sandero and Duster have grown to a great extent, and several times he visited Romania to see how things are happening in Dati.
Ghosn was born in Brazil in 1954 from a family of Lebanese descent. is a French citizen and has traveled hundreds of times during the past 20 years between Paris and Tokyo, the seat of the two main components of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

Between 1986 and 1996 Ghosn worked at Michelin where he became the second in the company's hierarchy. Since 1996, he was in Renault, and then sent to Nissan, where, with a difficult cost reduction program, he managed to recover the company. Since 2005 he has been running Renault. In 2016, he retired from the director of Nissan, but remained the general manager of Renault and Mitsubishia, joined in 2016. The expectations were that he was the first in the alliance until 2022, and the main mission was the recovery of Mitsubishia, which is on the chart. The surname "Le Cost Killer", which he got two decades ago when he closed down five factories in Japan and destroyed Nissan with 21,000 people, succeeding to save the company from collapse.

Many do not regard Ghosen as the most influential director in the car world, with numerous appearances in the media, where he was asked about many things and where he predicted the evolution of the world economy. With a serious figure and a tense voice, he was (almost) aware of the evolution of the economy, especially in the automotive field in general.

Ghosn also became a comedic figure in Japan, his name being promoted as a possible Lebanese president and one of the few non-Japanese people who led the Japanese fanfare company.

Ghosn continued the development strategy of "5000 Euros" by Ludwig Schweitzer, and models such as Sandero and Duster, as well as Logan of the second generation, were launched under his mandate. Sales of these models, both within the range of Dacia and Renault, passed 1.2 million units a year.

In addition, Renault-Nissan was the automotive company that invested most in 100% of electric cars, and Nissan Leaf is the world's best-selling electric model, and Renault Zoe is among the best-selling electric models in Europe.

The black body remains an industrial spy scandal in 2011 when Renault, Patrick Pelat, was fired from Renault. It was then said that Ghosn had made Pelat's sacrificial goat to retain its place. Neither the French state wanted to "hang" the company.

It remains to be seen who will inherit Ghosn, the shame that has been brought to him, because in the past he was careful to reduce the incentive of potential successors who gained influence in the company. However, last year, he dismissed his responsibilities: he gave up Nissan's company and gave up some of Renault's daily tasks.

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