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Nadia Comaneci has reached 57 years. How he missed his career on US television


The legends have already become legendary for Nadi's 10 notes against the technique, defeated by the one who has since become the Goddess of Montreal. 1.00 notes shown after the experience of the child's shooting in Ontio were delighted by specialists and triggered Nadi's phenomenon.

In the book "Travel to the World of Gymnastics" written by late Nicolae Vier, the former president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, surprised many behind the scenes about what Nadia Comaneci had for the whole world and her impact on the whole world sport.

Nadie Comeneci's birthday – he was 57 years old

Nadia Comaneci was born in Onesti, a family of workers and love. He was the first child of parents Gheorghe and Stefania Comaneci, who then had a little boy, Adrian. And today Nadia and Adrian are very close. Nicolae Vieru discovered in his book why the daughter of the Comanci family was named Nadia: she was named after the hero of the Soviet film. Impressed by Nadia's heroism, the parents of the champion decided to baptize their daughter.

Because she had a lot of energy, Nadia gave birth to her gymnastics. It was a decision that would change the future of this sport.

Nadie Comeneci Record

Nadia Comaneci wrote a history of gymnastics. He won 9 Olympic medals – 5 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal. At the European Championship there are four medals of the world championship (two gold and two silver) and no less than 12 trophies. Of this, 9 are golden, two silver and one bronze. The only important missing title is the single compound in the world. During history, only two gymnasts in Romania have won gold on this test: Aurelia Dobre and Maria Olaru.

Nadia Comaneci could have won millions of dollars, but the party has opposed it

At the beginning of 1977, Ion Tiriac and a group of NBC television came to Bucharest, offering a million dollars for 10 demonstrations under the supervision of Nadia in the US! The proposal was rejected by the PCR. Instead, in the autumn of the same year, the Romanian gymnastics team would continue to have a "demonstration" round in the US, but the amount entered on government bills was only $ 100,000.

After 1980, Nadja got $ 250,000 a year from Japanese television. In exchange for that money, she would be present for a week at the exhibition. Everything stopped at cabinet number 1.

Nadia Comaneci may have been an actress in the United States

Nadia Comaneci could be an actress in the US. American Television proposed Nadi in 1977 as the main role in a movie in which she will play the role of heroin in children's stories. The party did not approve. For Americans, Nadia was more than an idol, and she was not afraid to show her love for her. In October 1977, she made a demonstration in the United States. The day he arrived in Chicago, he was named mayor of the city as "Dan Nadie Comeneci". It was on October 18, 1977.

Also, in 1979, after Romania won the world title in Fort Worth, Pheni's shop in the city was specially opened on Sunday to allow members of the Romanian delegation to buy for them and for Nadia, who just handled.

The Kings came to Onnost to see Nadia Comanaka

Nadia Comaneci not only won the hearts of ordinary people from all over the world, but also kings. In 1977, King Baudouin of Belgium and the Queen arrived on a private visit to Onesti to meet Nadia. She also made demonstrations for them. Also, in the 1980s, Jordan's King Hussein came with a complete suite to see Nadia's training. In addition, when she was an athlete, she was personally invited by kings or heads of state. He participated, for example, at lunch with King Olaf from Sweden.

In the autumn of 1976, Nadia and the gymnastics team of Romania were invited by the president of Mexico on a demonstration tour. She received an electric car from two people from a Mexican official.

Also, in 1977, Nadia was received by the president of this forum at the UN, who wanted to meet her. He received the UN Medal for Peace.

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