Wednesday , June 29 2022

New cases of influenza AH1 confirmed in Iasi!


Doctore tean Tudor Ciuhodaru, from the Clinical Emergency Hospitalwill "Prof. Dr. Nicolae Obel," draws attentionţtakes seasonal illness, especially flu, warning that ccomplicated, on Iae t4 cases of posturecomplicated clinicallycomplicated in the last scomplicatedForcomplicatedhandcomplicated e tThree cases of capture were confirmedcomplicated ZH1. Numbercomplicatedinfectious infectionţAcute respiratory illnesses increased by 2.8% fawill from scomplicatedForcomplicatedthe previous handcomplicated e tit approaches 100,000 fast (nearly 10% more than thate ti scomplicatedForcomplicatedhandcomplicated from 2017).

The AH1 influenza virus is congenitalţIt has genes from the viruse tswine flu, bird flu e tand human. Symptoms are similarcomplicatedncomplicatedwith seasonal human flu: fevercomplicated, a cough e tI'm a secretţnose pain, throat pain,complicatedat the end e tand other symptoms such as generalized pain, in particular muscle pain, headache, chills, fatiguecomplicated, vomcomplicated or diarrhea (not characteristic of influenza, but have been reported in some of the latest capture casescomplicated with this virus). In some cases this is possiblecomplicated appearanceţand complicationsţeven serious e tpeoplecomplicatedncomplicatedinfected with this type of virus.

Tudor Ciuhodaru recommendscomplicated e ti skup mcomplicatedsuri to efficiently protect our cravingscomplicated:

1. AvoidţContact with sick people: Avoidţagglomerationţ(public transport, spasţpublic) where they existcomplicated increased risk of contacting a personcomplicated infectiouscomplicated, do not stayţI'll close itcomplicated people youe tesc or pcomplicatedT.complicated, do not visitţi e tIt's not goingţand collectivelyACROSSespecially e tCollege, sick people. Do not knowţand a child in the Dacia communitycomplicated a giftcomplicated Jan.complicated, fissure, cough, secretţnasal abundance! The patient will be isolated from the rest of the family in the roomcomplicated separatelycomplicated brightcomplicated, airbornecomplicated, with temperaturecomplicated average 22-24 degrees.

2. Respectţand general rules e tand individual hygienecomplicated: use of handkerchiefs e tand spcomplicatedhand on the hands, mouth to mouthcomplicated when are youe tim or sneezingcomplicatedm, avoiding contaminationcomplicatedby touching your eyes or mouth with your hands, daily ventilationcomplicated to stopţor office with menţmaintaining a temperature of 18-22 degrees e tand spa hygieneţLICIMA e tand surfaceţa. spcomplicateduţi-vcomplicated often as water with watercomplicated e ti scomplicateddo, spcomplicatedIt has to becomplicated least lastsţfor 20 seconds, insisting on overlaps e tand spaţeach other, then dryţhands with paper towels or warm air or dadcomplicated you're notţAnd close to the water you canţI use it with efficiencywill lesscomplicated, a basic disinfectantcomplicated alcohol.

3. Avoidţand heat voltage: jointcomplicatedCcomplicatedYou remember wellcomplicated, consumption of boiling liquid, avoiding movementcomplicatedin the morning e twhen it's a very cold, alternating remnant in the spitsţicomplicatedlike institutionsţpublic authorities e tand stores.

4. Respectţand proper diet based on fruits e tFresh vegetables, rich in vitamins, give upţsmoking area, avoidance of alcohol consumption, observation of residue programcomplicated.

What do you needţin the opinion of Doctor Ciuhodaru:
1. Transfer from person
complicated Others are working with the big onee tmitigatewill aircomplicated (speech, cough, pcomplicatedwalnut) or direct or indirect contact with the secretţrespiratory system in their hands or on surfacesţcontaminated.
2. The most reliable
e taged over 65, children under 5 years of age, pregnant women, immunodeficiencyţii, patientsţwith affectionţrespiratory or cardio-vascular disorders.
3. Avoid
ţand automaticsţTake. Any treatment, including vaccination, should becomplicatedit only cuts on the recommendation of a family or special doctorse ta fish.
4. Antibiotic therapy f
complicatedrcomplicated to recognizecomplicatedis not only ineffectivecomplicated, but e tand potentialţdangerouscomplicated. It can lead to selectionţresistance of bacteriaţworsening affectivityţbasescomplicated or dcomplicated unwanted multiple side effects. George SUMANAR

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