Tuesday , September 27 2022

Penalties in Iasi, before the match with FCSB! "Feel the toys!"


  • Semifinals championship (Saturday): Федерер – А. Zverev (Digi Sport 1, 16:00) and Anderson – Djokovic (Digi Sport 2, 22:00)

  • Handball on Sunday: CSM BucharestBitheim (17:15, Digi Sport 1), Elverumdinamo (19:10, Digi Sport 2)

Domestic championship will continue, after breaking the national team, with the 16th round, who will play the Copou match between Poli Iasi and FCSB. Red blues, which does not have a good morale draw from the derby with Dinamo, score 1-1, they did not forget that in Iasi lost their title last season. Even if now there are no such roles, the game announces a very controversial game, especially from its students Flavius ​​Stoican first blocked at this time and only a good result against a red blouse would additionally reduce the atmosphere inside the series.

"Salaries have not been paid to my proposal, as a result of the results of the last period. Specifically, after the failure of CSU Craiova, for the sixth consecutive time, we took into consideration fines, and then the idea was dismissed, not demobilized by the team. Horia only pay if we get two positive results with the Astra and FCSB, and we won it in Astra. "If we win the FCSB and rejoin the player, then we pay immediately", he said Tibi Selimes, the sports director of Poli Iasi.

Poli Iasi – FCSB | "Let the players feel that everything is not pink!"

The proposal of the former national player was accepted by the employer Horia Sabo. "So far, I have created hundreds of thousands of euros at the club, and as I have already said, I have an entire budget, but some would probably want to put the money on my account and go, play it for my money.

Salaries are on their account for two weeks, but I accepted Tibi's proposal. Let the players feel that everything is not all pink if I do not work ""Sabo said.

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