Tuesday , May 11 2021

Renault has appointed Veteran Unilever as Global Marketing Director at Economica.net

French car group Renault, the owner of Dacia, announced Thursday the appointment of Francois Renard as global marketing director instead of Thierria Koskas, who will become the president of Renault Sport Racing, according to a press release.

Francois Renard will be subordinate to Thierry Bollore, Renault Group's operational manager. In addition to sales and marketing commitments, Renard will also be involved in accelerating the digital transformation of group operations.

Born in 1967 in Paris, Francois Renard graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris in 1990, and in 1992 he began his professional career at Anderson Consulting. After that, he worked for Unilever, an English-Dutch consumer goods manufacturer, where in 2017 he was appointed vice president of marketing.

According to the strategy of Carlos Ghosn's "Drive the Future", the Renault group will increase its global sales to 5 million vehicles a year in 2022 with a focus on regions outside Europe. In 2017, sales of the group rose by 8.5% to 3.76 million vehicles.

Dacia took over Renault in 1999. Re-launched in 2004 with Logan, Dacia became a notorious player in the European car market.

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