Saturday , October 1 2022

Samsung GALAXY S9. News on GROZAVA for Android 9


Samsung Galaxy S9 android 9 beta

Samsung GALAXY S9. Excellent news came today for those who are waiting for Android 9 at this moment from the Korean company, the beta testing process already in South Korea, as promised. Samsung said Android 9 will be available in beta for Samsung GALAXY S9 and Samsung GALAXY S9 Plus, which starts today in South Korea and the US, and this has already happened in the first country, and this will happen elsewhere.

Samsung GALAXY S9. Android 9 was introduced in South Korea along with the ONE UI, a special operating system that delivers a wide range of customer news, as promised by Samsung. We are talking about many changes in terms of interacting with Samsung GALAXY S9 phones or other models, but also on improving performance or resolving various operational issues reported by customers.

Samsung GALAXY S9. News on GROZAVA for Android 9

Samsung Galaxy S9 android 9 beta 1

Samsung GALAXY S9. Update for Android 9 and One UI is currently available for download of 1.6 GB, and those who are enrolled to test the operating system are the first to have access to it. Updating Android for Samsung GALAXY S9 can be installed via the OTA upgrade system, without the need for the phone to connect to any computer, so that someone can quickly download the download capability.

Samsung GALAXY S9. Until now, Android 9 is not available in beta, and for those who have the Samsung GALAXY Note 9 phone, so it's likely that they will be offered a new version only in the next few hours. Android 9 is a highly anticipated version of Samsung GALAXY S9, Samsung GALAXY S9 Plus and so on, thanks to all the great news that Google has implemented.

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