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Show head in G20 magazine – Q


Although the world-wide agenda worried about Trump and Putin, the only ones who seem to have left the summit with the "bags in the car" are both.

They did not miss the bad times

At the president's plane
The Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro discovered 40 kilos of cocaine a
the conditions in which he declared "zero tolerance" to the traffic
the drugs

President Donald Trump was
who is on the short and problematic list of the G20 summit, which goes to war
Economic relations between the United States and China, which could "produce" harm
millions of dollars worldwide, as the EU specialists have calculated;
At the same time, the conflict between the United States and Iran. Otherwise, it would be
Some things to solve: some plastics to collect the oceans and abandon it
A more important role for women in the economy.

Theresa May asked for it
The Russian president handed over the two agents to the British authorities
GRU that participated in the attempt of poisoning in Salisbury
former double agent Serghei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. In "photo op",
May asked for an abomination and tried to shake Putin's hand without looking at him.

The long-awaited meeting of Vladimir Putin – Donald Trump began with a request from a globalist journalist to the US president to urge his Russian counterpart not to interfere in the US election process.

The EU is worried

Jean-Claude Juncker,
The President of the European Commission and the President of the Council, Donald Tusk, have done so
representing the European Union at the G20, at the meeting attending four states
union members that are also members of the G20: France, Germany, Italy and the Kingdom

"We work closely with USA and
Japan, as well as with China and others, with regard to reform
World trade organization and create conditions for competition
just, "said Juncker, who also asked the G-20 states to do so
take "as a unitary group". Juncker's idea is to stop his enthusiasm
Trump through regulations to ban bilateralism.

Like the Chinese (with
who pretend to be themselves at war) and the EU is pushing
multilateralism as a commercial system. The European Union is the second
A great economic power in the world, which represents 21.4% of the world total
of the gross domestic product, after the United States, which represents 24%.

"The global scene can not
Become a scenario where egocentrisms would dominate in some regimes and emotions
Nationalism will dominate in economic terms, each country having one
the responsibility not only of their own interests, but of the order
Correct and safe world, "explained Donald Tusk. Obviously, refer it

According to Tusk, world order can only be liberal, progressive, globalist, any other form of totalitarianism and economic regression.

Tusk does not even bring Putin

Vladimir Putin said
before the summit, for the Financial Times, that "liberalism has become obsolete."
The Russian president said that "the liberal idea has overcome the purpose and the population
It is opposed to immigration, open borders and multiculturalism. "He added
that: "The liberals can not dictate to anyone what to do, as they have tried to do it
the recent decades ".

Putin criticized Angela
Merkel for admitting millions of immigrants to Germany, but he had words
praise Donald Trump, who raised the wall of the Mexican border
to stop migration. Putin also criticized the impunity that migrants enjoy
in Europe and the excessive rights of homosexuals.

Tusk responded annoyingly: "Anyone who says that liberal democracy is overcome, also states that freedoms are overcome, that the rule of law has been overcome and human rights become obsolete …" To end Europeans , Jean-Claude Juncker had the subject of climate change in the agenda. Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, on the other hand, had a series of bilateral meetings with other heads of state.

The rest was "America First"!

He turned to Donald Trump
G20 with Dow Jones to an all-time high with respect to 1938! The first meeting with which he had
Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, presenter of the Osaka summit. Beyond
Commerce, automotive, Trump was interested in the launch
"Project": the problem of North Korea.

Trump met
The Indian Prime Minister, Narenda Mondi, who avoids an economic war with him!
New Delhi established rates for 28 US products at the beginning of this
On Monday, in response to the withdrawal of commercial concessions from Washington
Long duration in India. The two leaders have accepted, however, that it is more convenient
try to solve the problems.

India stopped buying
Iranian oil, one of its main suppliers, respecting US sanctions,
New Delhi, however, is concerned about the security of energy supply. a
The balance has been hard and the fact that the USA and India have a good partnership in the plan
Military man, as Donald Trump said.

Iran was Trump's second goal, so it preferred to maintain "excellent relations" with India if it continues boycotting Iranian oil.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Osaka Summit, G20 – QMagazine

It was also about Iran
and at the meeting of the president of the United States with the German Chancellor Angela
Merkel. More specifically, about the "fears" of Iran's nuclear weapons, though
and North Korea. Trump has invited Merkel to keep Iran under pressure,
what would it mean

Then, Trump and Putin have
discussions about disarmament, but also about bilateral trade relations. has
The Iranian issue was addressed, but also the situation in Syria, Venezuela and Ukraine.
The two presidents agreed to improve their relations; In this way,
Vladimir Putin invited President Trump to Moscow, who promised him
military parade

The next important bilateral meeting was between President Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, with which the US President addressed the issue of Venezuela. Of course, with the thought of oil.

A summit that did not solve anything

At the royal summit were there
topics such as financing the development of credit projects were addressed
Infrastructures, promoting the participation of women in economic and social policies
security Then block the terrorist content on social networks.

It seems that a great "achievement" is that the signatories of the Paris Agreement on climate change agreed on the irreversibility of the treaty signed by all, except the United States.

Saudi Arabia smells of money

The second day started with
Breakfast by Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia with Donald Trump,
Delegations discussing issues such as Iran's aggressiveness (what else?) and
Encourage a solid oil market in spite of Iran's attempts
"Destabilize the market". Trump congratulated the Prince for the opening that was shown
respect for women's rights, economic progress
and, of course, to be on the list of great buyers of equipment
American army.

Trump met
Turkish President, Recep Erdogan, stressed that the issues between the two countries
Quadruple, Trump and an offer of military equipment. What?
The interest of the Turkish president did not arouse.

Putin also met with Erdogan – who pointed out that the production of common missiles and the transfer of technology is a priority for the cooperation of both countries. Another key part of the Russian-Turkish cooperation is Akkuyu nuclear power station. Launching of the first generation unit in 2023.

China vs. China USA

China would like your efforts
accompanied to preserve multilateralism, but the desire of President Xi himself
the strikes against the new bilateral system promoted by the Americans. President Xi Jinping
He met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with Russian President Vladimir Putin
with other leaders of the BRICS group at the G20 summit in Japan, i
the discussions focused on the opposition to commercial policies
"Unilateralist" and "protectionist" in the USA.

China is trying
Build a strong opposition against President Donald Trump, who
He uses trade and tariffs as a weapon to implement his policy
"America First".

Policy issues
During the meetings, they were discussed in detail "unilateral" and protectionist
leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) and Russia,
India and China (RIC). Putin declared against unilateral actions and
illegitimate sanctions. The American-Chinese bilateral, Trump-Xi, followed
Jinping. The US president informed that he had made a friend of the president
China and I would like to conclude a "historic" and "monumental"
for both countries.

"We have agreed not to expand
the rates already existing during the negotiations. China has accepted all this
During the negotiations, start buying large quantities of products
"Farmers from American farmers," Trump said.

About Huawei, Trump said the US Department of Commerce will meet in the next few days to examine the possibility of removing the company from the list of these companies that can not acquire technology without the approval of the government.

US President Donald J. Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un-QMagazine

Trump, on a walk through North Korea

From Osaka, Donald Trump to
flew to South Korea, writing on Twitter to invite the president
North Korea to shake hands with the DMZ (the demilitarized area among them)
two countries in the Korean peninsula). Trump noted that if he had not arrived
President and he would not have been able to get along with President Kim with whom they were
Nice from the start, missiles would be discussed at the moment

Most likely Trump will not
He was not looking at anything in North Korea, he just wanted to show the press and the world he was
You can deal with the "dictator" Kim about nuclear disarmament, what is it
but impossible with Iran.

If I was still in Korea
South, Trump and President Moon Jae-in have signed a new trade agreement!
Probably as important as the meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Anyway, Donald Trump became the first president of the United States to enter North Korea, calling it "a great honor." Trump and Kim spoke privately for more than 50 minutes, transforming what was to be a brief exchange of answers in a negotiation session where Trump said both parties agreed to "appoint a team and develop details" in order to put End to the Pyongyang nuclear program.

By doing the line and summarizing it, Trump can not go for now in Venezuela, but has opened a communication line with Vladimir Putin, who retains oil. Putin himself, who is also an Iranian friend. With China, another friend of Iran, the game of cat and mouse is in full swing, perhaps at a certain time, the Chinese will launch the Iranian book on the table. India no longer buys oil for the Iranians. Trade also goes well with Germany, as good as Angela Merkel pressures the Iranians. And Saudi Arabia is good in this fight! Coal above the apex, even North Koreans are more determined than the Iranians to abandon nuclear weapons, so there are pre-established frameworks for possible intervention in Iran.

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