Monday , May 10 2021

Start at the International Theater Festival Classic!

The 24th edition of the International Festival of Classical Theaters opens its doors today, and the fourth theme is chosen by theater critic Maria Zarnescu.
"All those who want to discover many facets, classical or modern, theaters are waiting for 11 days (November 15th and November 25th) at the" Ioan Slavica "Theater in Arad, because FITCA means Shakespeare and Caragiale, Chekhov and Musetsha this year, as well as Brother Grimm, but also Agatha Christie, or, more simply: melancholy – good mood – uncertainty – fairy tale – music – story We are convinced that the universe created by the Romanian directors Andrei Serban, Alekandro Dabi, Victor Ioan Frunz, Horatio Malaele, Claudiu Goga, Ervin Simsensohn, Catinca Draganescu and Stefan Lupu to inspire The audience who recently celebrated the seven decades of professional theater in Romanian language has become a well-known theater community, which is why the Festival is a challenge and equally huge responsibility to introduce the audience to the public with theater performances to say something, "said FITCA representatives.
Program of the first days
The festival starts today, at 19.00, in the Great Hall, with a show [ză]Pesaru, the latest and most anticipated production of the classical theater in Arad, a show that has the director's signature Katina Draganeska. Production is described as "extremely lively, current and still classic". this [ză]Pesrus means for Simone Deaconescu, choreographer: "… a bold and complex approach that animates the viewers in the carousel of sensations, thoughts and strong emotions."
On Friday, November 16, at 7 pm in the Great Hall, there are 12 furious men, director Laszlo Mehes, producer of the National Theater in Pec, Hungary – the first page of the Arakans show. 12 jurors, different as individuals, have to condemn him to death or pay a young man to the accused for killing his father. Will the work of a young man be objectively examined?
How will the personality and professional pride of the jury be turned into an attempt to make the right decision? Extremely stunning psychological performance that digs into the depths of human beings.
Galeb, in the director's vision of Andrej Serban, was created in an autonomous and exceptionally lively Bucharest – in the Unique Theater – presented to the public in two appearances, on Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18 at 17.00, at Studio Hall.
About this cooperation, the famous director Andrei Serban declares for the site "I am glad to have received a call to work in the theater. I found the atmosphere of youth in La Mama in New York, the same friendly and free spirit, a community of artists who without any material reflections animate the passion of creating a theater differently, discovering new shapes. And the idea of ​​these new forms led me directly to Treples and the "Galeb", a drama that followed my whole life and which I did not fully understand, even though I put it in different languages three continents, with I hope this version will be the last one, although we will not be able to disclose the mystery that makes the story ending with the violent death that Chekhov classifies as a comedy, I believe that we (again) will discover the paradox that the only durability in the theater is the state of continuous change If we accept that any conclusion is not final, we can begin to look at it. "
Refugees Alexander Dabije, producers of Odeon Theater Bucharest, finish the Czech periplus of the first days of FITCA in 2018 on Saturday, November 17, at 20:00 in the Great Hall. It is a "spectacle based on fine psychological rigor, with rebellious characters who constantly spit between disobedience and religion. Projection of the safety of man with money, lies, superficiality and ruthlessness."

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