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Symptoms that hide heart attacks


Diseases of cardiac symptoms

Diseases of cardiac symptoms

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Cardiac problems do not always show signs, but if you have passed your second youth, you have a high cholesterol level and too much weight, do not ignore a few traces.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide, with the World Health Organization estimating 23 million deaths by 2030. Events can be vague, wrong, sometimes atypical, but the risks are greatly reduced if you learn to hear the alarm signals of the body. Go to your doctor if you experience one of the following symptoms.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Chest discomfort

This is the most common sign and the easiest for the spot. Pain in the chest occurs as a claw or as a pressure lasting up to a few minutes. Occurs as a result of blocked arteries or reports of myocardial infarction, even when resting or when exercising. Remember, however, that a heart attack can occur without heart problems or chest pain. If symptoms persist in a few minutes, call your doctor.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Digestive symptoms

Nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, dizziness or abdominal pain, may be signs that you overestimate, but there are signs of heart attack. According to statistics, women experience this type of manifestation. Do not panic, because in the end it can be a common breakthrough. You just need to know that the risk of heart attack increases when you have too much weight, smoker, you have sedentary life, suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or have a family history of heart disease.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Sleep apnea

If you wake up in the middle of the night, look for air, increase your risk of heart attack or atrial fibrillation. People suffering from sleeping apnea cease to breathe during sleep over a period of a few seconds to a minute or more. Breaking the breath makes the oxygen that comes to the brain insufficient. In this situation, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood increases and there are variations in cardiac frequency, but also many physiological changes. In the long run, low blood pressure seriously damages vital organs. Snoring is another symptom of apnea. Go to the doctor if you know that you suffer from this syndrome because untreated sleep apnea causes complications such as blood pressure, heart disease or stroke, says

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Bloody tires

You did not even think that the paradentist you suffer would make you heart problems. According to specials, a chronic gingival infection causes inflammation of the entire body, which is a risk factor for the onset of atherosclerosis and heart attack. This happens because the immune system continuously warns and produces a very large number of cells that kill the cords, which also affects the arteries. Regularly go to the professional dentist dentist.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. palpitations

It is normal to get out of hand, from time to time, whether you are excited or nervous. If you feel palpitations for more than a few seconds, or very often happens that your heart is crazy, contact a specialist. Arrhythmia can be caused by a too wakeful way of life, caffeine or absence of sleep, not necessarily as a result of heart disease. However, it should be treated and the doctor recommends an ECG test for the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Pain that radiates on the arm

This is another classic sign that announces a heart attack. The pain starts in the chest and radiates from the left side of the body, but there are moments when the pain is felt only in the left hand without any other obvious symptoms.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Quickly hurt yourself

Do you feel exhausted after you have accelerated a few steps or after you entered the shopping net from the lower store, the ordinary activities that in the past did not create such problems? If you have tried to rest and do not go through the mood, do a medical appointment. Unexplained fatigue can be a sign of heart attack, especially for women, the support of a cardiologist.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Annoying cough

Unproductive coughing is not a warning signal unless you already know about heart problems. Cough with white mucus is an indication of congestive heart failure, the main complication of heart disease. The cable does not pump enough blood for metabolic needs, which leads to the blood remaining in the body, especially in the liver, lungs, hands and feet. Heart failure often occurs after the heart is affected (increased blood pressure, previous heart attacks or direct damage to the heart muscle).

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Filled legs

Columns can be made for various reasons, even from heat. But if your joints are swollen lately and it's hard for you to lie down, it could be a heart problem that the heart does not pump blood efficiently. Under these conditions, blood is accumulated in a vein, and the excess goes to adjacent areas. Therefore, certain parts of the body (legs, stomach) begin to inflate abnormally. This symptom is often associated with intense breathing during the day and night when you try to fall asleep. In heart failure, in addition to islet and breathing difficulties, symptoms may include palpitation or rapid heartbeat, weakness and fatigue, exercise on intolerance, coughing or wheezing, sudden weight, loss of appetite or nausea.

Diseases of cardiac symptoms. Sexual dysfunction

These are often ignored symptoms, which are considered a natural change caused by age, which weakens the function of reproductive organs. There are several situations where reproductive health is correlated with heart health. For example, in men, sexual dysfunction is a common symptom of arterial disease (plaque accumulation on the arteries prevents erection). In women, libido reduction is a trace of postmenopausal, but at this time there is an increased risk of developing heart disease due to changes in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Sedentarism, often after menopause, also promotes cardiovascular problems.

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