Tuesday , September 27 2022

The lover who gave her mother Alina Vidikan …


Very active in social and political life, where President Klaus Iohannis was declared lover, Alina Vidican's mother, her ex-wife Cristi Borce, had a strange post on her Facebook account in recent days. Former mother-in-law dinamo shared with virtual friends next lines.

"Keep in mind that friends, I invite you to post invisible pornographic videos and rude photos on your profile without knowing you. You do not see, but only your friends, it appears as a message you made, and even with comments …

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Please, if this happens with my profile, delete the post! Friendship and respect for you means a lot to me, "said Mariana Vidican, who in most cases takes care of Alina's two children with Cristi Borce.

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