Thursday , May 19 2022

The Prime Minister reduced the budget by 15,000 euros a month to Dinamo!


Coach-manager Mircea Rednic It is proposed to become Prime Minister of Romania! "His politics dinamo it is clear. Working with any impression, he left his coach a free hand. Dinamo pays 4,000 euros for football players brought by Mr. Rednic, without any commission.

If he or she wants to get a commission, then I suggest that he be the prime minister of Romania! This means that he is able to make money from dry stone"he commented Alexander David.

The president of "dogs" refers to the economy of the salary budget of the group under the patronage of Ionut Negoita. Until the arrival of Puri, the monthly salary budget was 135,000 euros. It has now fallen by 15,000 euros.

They are introduced tade, Females, Atmane and Alia, each with 4,000 euros plus Montini, with 2,000 euros. A total of 18,000 euros for five players who will play friendly today with the Concordia Chiajna at 14:30 in ҆tefenesti.

There were also 4 players: Grozav (10,000), Mezag (9,000), Subotici (8,000) and Delorge (6,000), footballers who spent 33,000 euros a month.

"We brought good players, in which I personally think that they agreed to come to very low salaries. There is still talk about commissions, but what are the commissions worth 4,000 euros?" Agents do not take money or phone "
Mircea Rednic, coach of Dinamo

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