Thursday , May 13 2021

The queen in the 3D book of surprises in Gaudeamus

In addition to the centenary story (600 reference books), positioned centrally, while you're right in the space set up by the publishing house of RAO, you've attracted a massive volume with the photograph of the late Freddie Mercuri on the front page: Queen of the 3D! What do you mean?

Young and adult, they encountered close to the shelves, listened to RAO's explanation, Marilena Ion: "It's an album full of photos and information in the background, during travel and everyday meetings. It was made by a composer and member of Brian Mai, a famous astrophysicist. The book is also equipped with a pair of 3D glasses. "It's worth noting that a very interesting volume appeared shortly after the Bohemian Rhapsody was released in Romania.

Another accent that attracts attention at the booth of RAO: On the shoulder of the giant, Umberta Eco (12 essays with philosophical, literary themes, etc.); Encyclopedia of medicinal herbs – 100 basic plants for health and beauty; At the cost of living, Mak Eisen; A Great Space Book of Anatomical Space Anne Lesterlin, etc.

WARNING! Biggest Black Friday!

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