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Toiota strengthens Asian brand position no. 1 in Europe. They will launch a compact SUV for even greater sales


To overcome Toiotin giant to become the most successful Asian car car manufacturer in Europe, Nissan and Hiundai have long been the target. However, achieving this goal has become more difficult, as Toyota maintains its position by launching new models, as well as current hybrid offers that are particularly appealing to customers in Western Europe.

Nissan has succeeded in surpassing Toiot in 2015 with a total of 603,000 vehicles in Europe, according to researcher LMC Automotive. But by next year, Toyota returned to the top, and Nissan has since been unable to come close to the result of its rivals. If there is a close fight between the two companies, Hiundai with a large offensive in preparation aims to overtake Toiot by selling it by 2021. Let's see.

Another brand that can fight for this title is the KIA, but for South Korea this is not the primary goal. Even if it sells Hiundai's sister brand on Monday, it's just "healthy curiosity to find out who is the best," said Kia Europe Executive Director Emilio Herrera for Automotive Nevs Europe. However, if KIA and Hiundai sold the sale, car makers would already be number one in Europe, but Korean brands want their sales to be recorded separately.

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When trying to measure which car brand is a leader, there is a problem. Hiundai uses the geographical definition of the European Industry Association ACEA, which includes the European Union plus the EFTA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

From the beginning of the year to September, ACEA figures showed that Toyota has a great advantage in selling over 560,000 vehicles. During this period, Hiundai surpassed Nissan: 425,854 versus 411,278 vehicles, and the boost was achieved by the success of the model kona. Kia finished fourth in 385.818 cars. Honda, Mazda and Suzuki have lower results.

On the other hand, Toyota and Nissan include the Russian Federation in their European sales as well as the sale of their premium brands, Lexus and Infiniti. Using this definition, Toiota said that achieved about 1.1 million sold in 2017, while Nissan sold 762,574 vehicles.

In this sense, for Toiot, Nissan and Hiundai are not competing in this race.

"We do not focus on this, good sales come in. If we look at our competitiveness and strength, there is no reference point." If we are obsessed with someone, it is probably a VV (from the point of view of historical rivalry), "said Matt Harrison, Sales and Marketing Director Toiota Europe.

Hybrids help sell, SUVs are needed

Toyota's hybrid cars have been found to be favorable for European buyers, as demand for diesel cars is falling – its share of hybrid cars is up to 46% of total sales. The Japanese manufacturer is now hoping to increase sales to new models. Harrison admits that the company has low SUVs, making up about 25% of sales, seeking to improve the result to 40%, the current level of Hiundai and KIA.

Toyota will launch the new compact SUV next year to compete in one of the hottest segments in Europe, where Hiundai and KIA recently joined the models kona i STONE. Kona helped, for example, to raise the Hiundai SUV share in total sales to 38% at the end of August, from 33% in 2017, according to JATO Dinamics. KIA has identical results to Stony.

Nissan, on the other hand, is saturated with SUVs with 73% stake in 2017 thanks to kashkaiwho is the leader in the segment. The indication of the importance of Kashkai for Nissan is the sale in August 2018, which sold 21,671 copies in total. The second best-selling Nissan car is a mid-size SUV X-Trail – 6,501 units.

Nissan has slowed down several times in the segment of compact crossovers, where Juke sells, with sales dropping from 9.1 percent to September, according to ACEA. However, the new Juke is set to debut in 2019 and we will see how the situation will change.

Experts at LMC Automotive believe that the most important site of Toiot's looks is unavailable in the medium term for someone else and that at least 100,000 cars will be sold before Nisan from now and in the next 5 years until 2023, the sales base in the EU plus EFTA, the company predicts.

It is estimated that Toyota sales in Europe at the end of this year will reach 742,000 vehicles, and by 2023 predict a slight increase of up to 773,000 cars. Nissan will increase with about 576,000 cars sold by the end of this year to 652,000 vehicles in 2023.

The same LMC experts believe that Hiundai will not improve too much in comparison with the forecast in 2018 of 546,000 cars sold, while KIA will record a decline in sales over the next five years, from 501,000 in 2018 to 482,000 in 2023.

The conclusion drawn in the opinion of David Oaklei, a European analyst at LMC, is that Toiota will remain in the foreground, as no major changes are expected on the market.


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